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Our managed Prometheus service offers the easiest way to implement observability for Kubernetes or hybrid environments. Lean back and enjoy a smooth ride as we take the wheel.

Let Nexclipper do the work for you

Easy observability
without compromise

Our service provides hassle-free migration and management of cloud-native environments. We are keeping it simple but won’t compromise when it comes to security or scalability. Rest assured with a solution that grows with you, offering all features you need at any stage of your business.

an extended prometheus ecosystem

open-source technology

Benefit from the best that the open-source community has to offer without the need to develop your own architectures. NexClipper is your dock to an extended Prometheus ecosystem with its proven solutions and our own open-source projects. Work with the technology you know and trust, while we do the heavy lifting for you!

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SAve Big with our predictable Packages

No unwanted surprises with our all-in pricing

We make sure you know exactly what to expect with our all-in packages. No hidden cost, unexpected overage, or vendor lock-in as our service easily integrates with your existing investments. Saving you precious time and money is our top priority – our solution grows together with you.

NexClipper's Mates

In the observability market, fierce competition is taking place with the emergence of tools based on open-source projects as well as commercial solutions. So you may wonder - why does NexClipper want to enter this market?

NexClipper is an OSS-based (i.e. Prometheus) observability solution, providing a metric dashboard and log/trace explore features as main functions to support responsive resolution activities. Let's take a deep dive into NexClipper's application architecture below!

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Various monitoring, log, and trace solutions for distributed microservices environments are being released, and users are now at a crossroads to evaluate and choose which solution will be effective among those many options. But which evaluation criteria are appropriate to evaluate these various solutions in the market?

Are you ready for your cloud-native journey with a managed Prometheus service?