Exporter reviews

Elasticsearch exporter

Review: Elasticsearch Exporter

Elasticsearch is a RESTful search engine, data store, and analytics solution. In this article we introduce the exporter for Elasticsearch, including most important metrics, alert rules, and the related Grafana dashboard and Helm chart.

MongoDB exporter

Review: MongoDB Exporter

In this exporter review, we discuss the MongoDB exporter. MongoDB is a NoSQL database that makes use of collections and documents. Find out how to set up the exporter, recommended metrics, alert rules, and dashboards as well as the Helm chart in this article.

RabbitMQ exporter

Review: RabbitMQ Exporter

In this edition of our exporter review series, we introduce RabbitMQ, one of the best-fit exporters for monitoring metrics used by NexClipper. Read on to find out the exporter’s most important metrics, recommended alert rules, as well as the related Grafana dashboard and Helm Chart.

MySQL exporter

Review: MySQL Exporter

In our new series, we review best-fit exporters for monitoring metrics that are used by NexClipper. Learn all about specific exporters, their most important metrics as well as recommended alert rules. We also discuss the related Grafana dashboard and Helm Chart for each specific exporter that we introduce. To kick off the series we will be introducing the MySQL exporter – read on to find out more.