Multi CSPs & Multi Clusters meet 3D Dashboard

How many cloud service providers (CSPs) do you use? And how many Kubernetes clusters do you maintain? As research for one of our recent articles has shown, most organizations are using multiple CSPs because of business continuity, cost control, and various other reasons. While the multi CSP approach supports companies in meeting their business goals, it also creates even more complexities for IT operation teams as they need to manage those distributed clusters.

This is why NexClipper has been working on a solution to help companies facing these challenges by developing innovative 3D dashboards for managing Kubernetes clusters/nodes/pods from multi cloud service providers!

The screen below shows information related to multi CSP pods from a bird’s eye view:

  • Every Kubernetes cluster has its own slot of land and borders neatly marked with the respective CSP logo.
  • The buildings in the cluster represent the Kubernetes namespace, and each floor indicates the Kubernetes pod in the namespace.
  • The different colors of the floor mark different Kubernetes workloads – deployment/replicaset in blue, statefulset in yellow, daemonset in gray, and job/cronjob in green.
  • When the user hovers the mouse over a floor, a box on the left shows the status of the Kubernetes pod, including resource information and status.
  • Each floor, building, and cluster logo is linked, redirecting the user to the respective pod, namespace, and cluster detail page.

The second screen below shows the 3D view of Kubernetes nodes with the several usage summaries:

Each glass box indicates a Kubernetes cluster, and every floor represents a Kubernetes node. Currently, NexClipper displays node specifications and usage information. In the future, more detailed information for cost data to help control IT expenses will be added as well.

Got curious to learn more about NexClipper Obervability or maybe even want to join the beta program? Make sure to contact us so we can help you profit from monitoring your multi CSP/cluster environment with this intuitive 3D dashboard!