Open Source Projects

With our managed NexClipper service you benefit from best-of-breed, proven cloud-native open source solutions while we do the heavy lifting for you. Work with Prometheus, Grafana, Loki, Tempo, OpenTelementry, Promtail, and all the technology you know and love when using our service.

Dedicated to the community, we also lead a number of cloud-native open source projects ourselves as part of the NexClipper eco-system. We always welcome your contribution!


Meet the meow-scot on board of our NexClipper!

Sudory is not only a Kubernetes/Helm/http executor that helps managing Kubernetes stacks in an automated and secure manner – he is also the cutest captain one could ask for!

Benefit from:

  • Easy operation of Kubernetes and Helm
  • Standardization of configurations across Kubernetes cluster
  • Managing Kubernetes stacks as an integrated solution
  • Support of multi-cloud service provider
  • Security (Kubernetes roles, TLS)
  • Cost reduction thanks to job assignment for multi-clients
  • Asynchronous communication between client and server
  • Service catalog (workflow template)
  • Support of schedule batch


This open source hub provides information on key Prometheus exporters, including Helm charts, key metrics, alert rules, and Grafana dashboards. A customized Helm chart value for NexClipper is available as well.

Benefit from:

  • Expanding your observability with ease by finding the right exporters
  • Study suitable exporters through convenient reviews
  • Automated integration with our observability solution


Do you want to ensure high availability of your Prometheus stack? With DS Switch, you can change the default data source from your primary Prometheus to a back-up Prometheus automatically when the primary isn’t healthy! Once the primary Prometheus is back up, DS Switch recovers the default Grafana data source automatically.

Benefit from:

  • Securing high-availability of your Prometheus stack
  • Managing the Grafana data source for your high availability architecture
  • Recovering the Grafana data source if needed,

NexClipper is your dock for the extended cloud-native open source ecosystem

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