Cloud-native observability with NexClipper

Jump onboard for simplicity without compromise.
Our service offers all the features you need for cloud-native observability at any stage of your business. All while ensuring your trip remains smooth and easy.

What you can expect when joining NexClipper

Guided Dashboard

Enterprise-level scalability

Curated exporter service

Alert-based incident management

No vendor lock-in & seamless integration

Automated provisioning & scheduling

Predictable all-in pricing

Guided Dashboard

NexClipper provides a bird-eye view of your Kubernetes clusters with a quick snapshot regarding health information and a list of resources, such as clusters, nodes, and services. The view provides links to open Grafana dashboards to check out the details of the metrics.

If you see smoke, simply hover around your IT resources and drill down to figure out what’s happening. NexClipper makes sure you can put out any fire early on.

Curated exporter service

With our solution you can curate the best exporters for various services in order to use selected metrics, configure alarms, and design your Grafana dashboard. Simply leverage the exporters that NexClipper has curated and improved for you!

Alert-based incident management

This function allows you to designate a group that receives alerts in case a metric surpasses a configured thread. Alerts can easily be converted into incident tickets. Operators can then review alerts with key metrics from the pod within an hour together with historical notifications on the pod to support the investigation and create an incident ticket mapped with single or multiple alerts. Additionally, operators are able to add actions to the incident ticket as a reference for similar future issues.

Best-of-Breed Open Source Projects

We provide managed operational services, but all other NexClipper components consist of open source projects. This guarantees freedom from vendor lock-in for the observability platform!

The external interfaces, that our solution is built on, are also based on OSS projects: MetricArk API is used to access metrics stored in Prometheus and any inbound metrics can be interfaced with Pushgateway of Prometheus. The NexClipper OSS stack additionally includes: Klevr, ProvBee, ExporterHub, and Webstork. The Prometheus stack further includes TimeScale for long-term storge and PromLens, a query builder for Prometheus. We also support Grafana dashboard, Loki for Logs backend, the log processor Fluentbit, Tempo for trace backend, and the trace collector OpenTelementry.


Install and configure observability clusters automatically, avoid complicated DevOps processes and human errors, and save operation cost!

The initial Prometheus-based observability cluster installation with NexClipper is incredibly intuitive and easy. You can set up Prometheus, the log & tracing database, Grafana dashboards, and all other components without any specific knowhow regarding these solutions within only 30 minutes.


Predictable all-in cost
  • All-in packages
  • Pay per node
  • No added cost
  • Use your own storage
  • No lock-in

We have pricing options for every need, company size, and budget! And best of all, cost is completely predictable with us. Benefit from the clarity and transparency of one monthly fixed charge for everything:

NexClipper offers managed Prometheus, Loki, and OpenTelemetry/Tempo services with remote Timescale databases and long-term metrics storage on your own preferred storage location. All of this is included in a single pricing package!

You further have the option to create a global Prometheus cluster on your own storage location to maintain a separate database in order to keep an integrated metric database while maintaining a light local metric database.

Yes, pricing has never been more transparent!

Contact us for more information and to discuss your specific observability needs.