Webinar – Automation for Kubernetes Clusters

With the growth of containerized environments and Kubernetes clusters over multiple cloud service providers, the need for standardized management and automation has been growing constantly. That’s why we collaborated with DZone for a webinar on “Automation for Kubernetes clusters: sudoRy – a remote Kubernetes/cloud executor” and you can now rewatch the session for free below!

In the webinar, you learn how to automate the management of Kubernetes clusters regardless of the number of CSPs or clusters, so you can reduce work hours and human errors by managing clusters with scale support. We show you how to achieve this with the help of the open source tool sudoRy, an executor for Kubernetes, Helm, Prometheus, Grafana, and more APIs, using standardized templates over multiple clusters.

The session covers the following:

  • Architecture & set-up of sudoRy
  • How to execute APIs from a sudoRy server regardless of cloud service providers
  • How API execution requests are placed from server to client and back to the requester
  • Use-case with NexClipper

So make sure to watch this informative webinar with Jerry, our Head of Product, and check out sudoRy on GitHub!